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All-Natural, No Preservatives, Non-Gmo, Award-Winning Spice Blends from The Spice Guy!

  • Roasted Garlic Blend (4oz)
    • A little heat and a little Roasted Garlic Blend never hurt anyone.
      Take literally anything that swims, runs or grows and dust it with this one for a guaranteed winner all year long. Bits of roasted garlic and minced onion along with a myriad of other dried veggies make up this crowd-pleasing, virtuous blend.
  • Summit County Steak & Veg (4oz)
    • Summit County Steak & Veg is their best-selling blend to date.
      That's no coincidence. The Spice Guy carefully constructed this puppy to be used as much in proteins as in veggies and beyond. The flavor profile compliments many (if not all) forms of cuisine. Don't be shy with Summit County Steak & Veg. The heat and salt content you taste on first test will permeate itself into whatever you're cooking. Get it before it's gone!
Award-winning spices for kitchens of all kinds. Restaurant chefs and home cooks agree - The Spice Guy does spices right. Mixed up in Denver, CO.