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3 Day Organic Meal Plan

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This package includes 6 meals (3 lunches & 3 dinners) for 1 person. Each meal is well-portioned – If you're a well-built individual, their meals will leave you feeling well-nourished and satisfied. If you generally have a smaller appetite, you might want to consider sharing your meal plan or saving some of your meal for later! 
Chef-designed and chef-prepared, no two weeks are ever the same when you order a YA•YE Signature 3 Day Meal Plan. Every single ingredient on their menu has powerful health benefits, tastes amazing, & most importantly - makes you feel better. YA•YE meals are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy/egg-free, free from refined sugar, seed-based oils & GMOs, & to the best of their abilities locally sourced. 

3 DAY MEAL PLAN MENU (July 16th Pickup or Delivery)
  • Thursday, July 16th: 
    • Ready-to-Eat Lunch: Green Gucci Soup + Tacos – Chilled Cucumber + Avocado Soup w/ Black Bean + Mango Jicama Tacos
    • Ready-to-Heat Dinner: Grilled Veggie Kebabs w/ crispy potato wedges 
  • Friday, July 17th
    • Ready-to-Eat Lunch: Stop Drop N' Roll Veggie Spring Rolls w/ Miso Peanut Dipping Sauce
    • Ready-to-Heat Dinner: Mushroom Bolognese w/ chickpea pasta, hemp "parmesan" and simple salad.
  • Saturday, July 18th
    • Ready-to-Eat LunchBaller Basil Pesto pasta salad w/ asparagus, zucchini, red + yellow peppers, broccoli, red onion + spinach
    • Ready-to-Heat DinnerBBQ Lentil Meatballs w/ spaghetti squash

      Please note: ingredients may vary slightly depending on availability from their food suppliers. Yaye Organics food is 100% plant-based, organic, dairy/egg free, gluten free, refined sugar free, and free from seed-based oils; however, if you have any allergies or sensitivities, please email support@yayeorganics.com & they will do their best to accommodate you.

      Their mission is & always has been to improve peoples' lives through healthy food. YA•YE does that by providing the community with delicious, satisfying, & nutrient-dense meals – because you shouldn't have to decide between 'taste' & 'health'. Each lunch item is designed to ensure you're getting your daily dose of greens for ultimate gut health, with additional superfood ingredients to leave you nourished, satisfied + ready to take on the day. Each dinner is designed to include the proteins, essential vitamins + minerals to replenish you after a long day + help you sleep.